Nov 14

We ded

oops I forgot to update this

Ponykart died about a year ago due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, I think people were getting burnt out on making a huge track such as whitetail woods, especially the track modeller. So many things depended on the track that I think he felt overpressured, and then other things kinda fell apart from there.

Secondly, and I think this was the biggest reason, was that some of us started university or got jobs and no longer had the time to work on ponykart. I myself got a job doing tools programming for a game company so the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was do more programming. Hell, the original reason why I started ponykart was to make something good to put on my CV, and ponykart ended up helping me get that job, so it was successful in that regard. I know many other team members are putting the work they did on portfolios or applications to places they want to get in too.

Thirdly, some of us just got tired of ponies. I know some of you will yell “blasphemy!!!” but I know I did and a few others did too.

Ponykart was and still is open source. If you want to try picking up the reins, our source code can be found here, as it always has been:
If you want to share around a built game then go ahead.

And a big thank you to everyone for your support while we were working on it!

P.S. to turn off the “development build, do not redistribute” text in the game, go to “%appdata%/Ponykart/options.ini” and add “MiyagiFontConfig=ConfirmedForBrawl” to the bottom of the file.

Nov 12

Seasons greetings

With another season starting up again, so has interest in our little game. Hopefully we can start generating more content on a regular basis, But in the meantime, enjoy some concept art from HandsomeBrando. Each character shows off their attitude in striking 2D action poses. Lines swirl around them because they’re going so fast. Check them out below, or you can see more of his art on his dA page, here.

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Nov 03

Not ded

A lot of people have been asking us about the project and, more specifically, if we stopped working on the game. The answer to the latter question is no, we have not. However, we’re also barely making any progress – I suppose many of us lack the motivation to work on it as much as we used to, and a variety of RL things have come up for others. Either way, we haven’t stopped, and hopefully we’ll release an update video sometime in December, by then we should have enough content to show.

Also, from now on a few modeler / texturer positions are once again open, since that’s the area where the least progress is being made. Please send a short introduction and examples of your work to if you are interested.

Jul 29

Site changes

As you might have noticed – the site is different, and more broken than usual. This is because we are moving to WordPress. There are two reasons: WP is rather lightweight compared to Drupal, and wordpress has better spam filters. On the old site every day about 50 new spam comments appeared which Hoppip had to remove manually. The old site is accessible here.

Jul 13

Update Video #4


Jun 30


Just a heads up but a few of our team members will be at bronycon. I think a few of them are on the fangame panel thingy, and there’s a few more wandering around.

They also brought along a playable demo with some work-in-progress multiplayer if you want to give it a shot!

- Hoppip

Some people took some videos at the con; you can watch them here:

Jun 09

Background Pony Creator!

We’ve recently overhauled the background pony system so they can all be created on the fly instead of needing to prepare textures for each one. We made a little tool to help create and tweak them, but we’ve polished up this tool so you guys can use it too!

You will need to have .NET 4.0a DirectX 9 component, and a VC++ x86 redistributable installed in order to run this. You might already have these installed, but if it crashes then try installing these before contacting us for help!

Use the included .psd file to create your own cutie marks!

Download here!

May 27

New Kart: Twilight Sparkle

Anarchianbedlam, the modeler who’s done most of the kart models so far, wanted to redo Twilight’s. So he did.


I think Rarity’s is next?

That’s all for now! We might have enough for another video soonish.

May 26

Interview: Swivel

Weeaboos With Controllers invited me to do a small interview about ponykart.
Check it out here

PS. i forgot to mention, and i was trying so hard to remember, the physics engine we are using is bullet.

May 05

New karts: Rainbow Dash & Applejack

Exam season is nearing its end and we’re getting back into the swing of things. We don’t really have enough yet for a video, but we did finish dash’s kart earlier today!


Also since all you saw of applejack’s kart was in our last update video, here are some screenshots so you can get a better look.


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